On site corrosion prevention

Pitcorrosion,  intergranular corrosion and MIC (Microbiologic Induced Corrosion) are examples of types of corrosion caused by deposits in pipes and process equipment such as boilers, vessels and heat exchangers. These deposits can be formed by slurries and product residues as a result of low or no flow. Apart from process failures and corrosion damage, leakages and product loss are inevitable if such deposits are not properly removed.

Stainless steel will lose it’s corrosion resistant properties after heat treatments such as welding and grinding. This is particularly the case when the equipment is exposed to chlorides.

Without a doubt, chemical-technical cleaning and metal surface treatment require thorough knowledge and specialised skills in the field of materials, production processes and chemistry.

Surface treatment of stainless steel and other metals
• Degreasing, pickling and passivation
• Ceramic blasting of stainless steel
• Cleaning according to ultraclean specs (oxygen clean)
• Degreasing, pickling, phosphating and conservation of carbon steel

• Pre-commissioning cleaning, maintenance cleaning and decontamination
• Pre commissioning cleaning of new heat exchangers and filters


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