Metal preservation

Protection and prevention of corrosion can be achieved by using a sound preservation system. The quality and durability of a preservation system is influenced by many factors. One of these factors is the professionalism of the preservation company, since paint is only a semi-finished product. The quality of the preservation system is largely determined on site. Lack of knowledge among responsible parties can lead to a total failure of an expensive preservation system and still to degradation of materials, failure of processes and major safety risks. Not least because the hidden formation of corrosion underneath the coating until failure is revealed by leakage or worse.

The Corrosion Control Technology Alliance offers a total package for the preservation of metals. Both internally and externally on constructions, piping systems, tanks and equipment. This includes the entire process, from coating (laboratory) research, on-site inspection and writing of specifications, up to and including pre-processing, delivery of coating and paint systems, conditioning, the application of the preservation system and independent quality control.

These disciplines are offered by different specialists, but provided as total package for metal preservation under the joint flag of the corrosion alliance. In this way you are assured of the very best quality without the risk of weak links anywhere in the process.